Lung Repair After SmokingNo one can deny, with all the information in the media these days, that smoking damages your lungs.  Weather you only smoked for a year, or a lifetime, every cigarette was doing you damage, to your lungs, and your entire body.  But finally you realised what you were doing to yourself, and you quit, right?  But is that all that you need to do?  Just quit, and it’ll all get better?  Unfortunately no.  Quitting is a great first step, but there is a lot more to do to put all that damage to rights – or as right as you can make it.

Now, it is true that your lungs will slowly right themselves, up to a certain point, over time.  But all those toxins that were pumped into your lungs and body with every breath are still in there, and will take up to 10 years to work their way out again.  And you know what?  While they are still in there, they have the opportunity to initiate cancers, destroy the lung walls, and do all their nastiness to ruin your lungs, and your life.  You want them out of there, as quickly as possible.

The best way to speed up lung repair after smoking is to undergo a properly paced and supported lung detox (short for detoxification)..  Now a detox or lung repair program wont help much unless you’ve stopped smoking.  Do you think your skin could recover from sunburn if you keep going out into the sun unprotected?  No, of course not.  So you must have quit first.  Then you can begin the program to clean out your lungs after smoking.

Now a good Lung Detoxification program has many facets, and usually involves proper motivation (very important to ‘stay the course’ as it were), regular exercises, good diet, stress reduction activities, regular sleep, and treatments to speed up the removal of tar and toxins from your lungs.  Basically, you could think of it as ‘clean living plus,’  and the closer you follow the advice, the better the result will be.  The improvement in your lung function, and overall health, will depend on how badly damaged your body was by smoking in the first place, of course.  The more damage, the harder and longer you have to work to come back from that.  And unfortunately, some damage cannot be repaired, even with current medical knowledge.  This doesn’t mean that a lung detox isn’t worth the effort, but you must realise that every treatment has it’s limitations.

Some ex-smokers that undergo a lung detox report a period of adjustment to the program; they cough up black tar an mucus, and feel unwell for a time.  This is completely expected and normal.  With any major chance to your body, it takes a while to show improvement.  Nicotine, the main drug in cigarettes, takes the body a fair amount of work to recover from, and the other chemicals in cigarettes, the ones that damage and clog up your lungs, likewise take time to get over.

But it can be done.  With perseverance and a properly planned lung detoxification program, you can make serious improvements in not only your lung health, but the health of both your body, and your mind.  A good lung detox can put you on the road to better health, and healthier life habits, that will see you enjoying your life more with every day that you follow the program.

So what are you waiting for?  Start your lung repair after smoking efforts today!

How Smoking Damages Your LungsIt is a sad fact that smoking damages your lungs in may ways, and the longer you have smoked, the more types and extent of damage you will have suffered.  Now the damage does vary between individuals due to a lot of factors, and some long term smokers can almost seem to be unaffected.  But this is a fallacy:  all smokers’ lungs are damaged.

The many chemicals in cigarette smoke do the bulk of the damage.  They build up in your lungs, trapped in a substance made up of the ash from smoking that you have breathed in, and mucus released by your lungs to protect itself from that very ash, that forms Tar, the gooey black muck that you see in all the quit adds.  Yes, it is real, yes it is in your lungs if you’ve smoked, and yes it has to come out to stop causing you lung diseases.

From the Tar, the cigarette chemicals leech into the cells of your lungs, causing Chronic Bronchitis (long-term inflammation of the airways that can lead to obstruction and scarring),  Emphysema (destruction of the lung sac walls), and the dreaded lung cancers.  These chemicals also work their way further into your body, causing various other diseases from peripheral vascular disease to contributing to impotence (sexual dysfunction), and many others in between.  Also, as the chemical laden smoke makes it way TO your lungs, it can effect your mouth and throat, causing mouth and throat cancers, and other diseases like periodontitis (a gum disease that can result in the loss of teeth).

Now if all that wasn’t enough, the hot ash in cigarette smoke also destroys the tiny, hair-like cilia that exist on the lung walls, and do the job of removing foreign objects that get into the lung tubes, and if they aren’t destroyed by the hot ash, these very important cilia are paralyzed by some of the chemicals in smoke.  You might think ‘so what?’ but the cilia perform a vital function.  Without them, you can’t clear crap that gets into your lungs, like the tar from cigarettes, or pollen, or dust, or any other stuff that shouldn’t get in there, reducing your lung function further, and increasing your chance and duration of lung infections.  When you quit smoking, one of the first and most important lung repair changes is the return of the cilia and their action, which is vital to remove the buildup of foreign substances in your lungs.

Lung Cleansing should fortify the recovery of the cilia, which in turn helps to remove the built up tar and other toxins in your lungs.

poisons in cigarettesEveryone now knows that Cigarettes cause you lung damage, but very few people actually know what sort of poisons are in a cigarette.  A lot of people think it’s just the nicotine, because of all the many chemicals in cigarettes (and there are a lot – over 4000 have been isolated), nicotine is the one most talked about.  Now nicotine can do bad things to you brain, and in high concentrations it is an insecticide (which is why it’s in the tobacco leaves in the first place – to convince insects not to eat them!), but of all the chemicals in cigarettes, nicotine does relatively little damage to you compared to some of the others.  Here is a list of some of the worst offenders:

  • Acetone – solvent in nail polish remover.  You know that astringent smell that hits you like a wave when you walk past those nail shops?  That’s acetone.
  • Ammonia – used in toilet cleaner.  It is highly irritating, and easily dissolves in water to produce ammonium hydroxide which can cause irritation and chemical burns.
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison.   Arsenic interferes with cellular longevity by allosteric inhibition of an essential metabolic enzyme. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include headache, confusion, convulsion, diarrhea, vomiting, and in severe cases coma and death.
  • Benzine – a petrol additive. Can cause depression of your Central Nervous System, resulting in effects from headaches and dizziness all the way to unconsciousness.
  • Carbon monoxide – a poison found in car exhaust fumes.  It’s the one that will kill you if your breathe in too much car exhaust, as it binds to your red blood cells better than oxygen.  If you get too much of it in your system, you suffer what is called chemical asphiciation (suffocation).
  • Hydrogen cyanide – a poison used in the gas chambers in WWII.  Nuff said.

Now any of these chemicals in more than trace amounts could kill you outright.  But cigarettes supply them to you in trace amounts, so you don’t end up dead quickly.  Instead, they build up slowly, combined with the ash from the burnt tobacco, they mix with the mucus that lines the lung walls to protect them, and forms tar (the black sticky stuff in all the quit smoking ads).  From here, they leech into the cells of your lungs, causing  the commonly seen diesases related to smoking; Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema and the dreaded Lung Cancers.  Other health effects of exposure to these chemicals found in cigarette smoke are seen throughout the body.  So it’s clearly obvious that smoking is a danger to your health, and the chemicals that are left in your body after you quit are still a danger until they are removed.  Feel you need some lung repair yet?

danger of hurting your lungsEvery time you take a puff on a cigarette you are hurting your lungs, it is only the extent of the damage that varies.  That’s for the basic damage, like emphysema, that physically destroys the lung sacks, and in advanced stages has you labouring for every breath and living with an oxygen bottle as your closest friend.  For the big ticket hurt, like cancer, every cigarette is increasing the odds that you develop one.

Odds are funny things tho.  Someone can buy lottery tickets every week for their whole lives and never win, and some can buy one lousy ticket and become and instant millionaire.  Smoking has the same variance.  You can smoke one cigarette and get cancer… or you can smoke all your life and never see the dreaded mutation.  But those results are on the outsides of the bell curve.  For most of us, it’s a case of the more we smoke, the greater the chance, and it WILL happen eventually.  So stop smoking, stop now, and never smoke again.

But does no more smoking equal no more damage.  Not exactly.  It means that the chemicals that go into your lungs with every breath are no longer doing so, which is a very good thing.  However, Tar holds the chemicals that have already been trapped in your lungs in there, so you need to get that tar and associated chemicals OUT of your lungs to prevent any more damage and start repairing your lungs after smoking.  The best way to do this is with a well designed and implemented Lung Detoxification program.  Not only will it help you get the Tar and toxins out of your lungs as quickly as possible, but it will fortify your health and your immune system to fight off infection in the lung region, and to help clean the lungs out.

Now I’m not going to sugar coat it; the early weeks of having quit smoking and starting a lung detox are generally not fun, and the faster you are clearing that muck out of your airways the less pleasant it will be.  But trust me when I say, the sooner that toxic gunk is out of there, the better off you will be.  And if you leave it in there, will you will continue to be in danger of hurting your lungs, for up to 10 more years!  No one wants that, when they have an alternative.

So do something positive for your health today.  It might be hard work at the beginning, but anything worth doing isn’t going to be easy, but the benefits to you, your health, your family and your future will be well worth it.

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